The Result of a ‘Shameful’ President

A day that will forever be remembered in history.

The scene that unfolded in the capital of the United States of America is one that shocked the world. Trump supporters flooded Capitol Hill, broke windows, stormed the senate, incited violence… Shocking behavior.

However, perhaps one of the biggest shocks is…

How COVID required us to change our cats’ sleeping routines

The Reason

Like many people at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself considering my options. At the time I was living in Madrid with my partner and our two cats, Blue and Nala.

The sleep time pattern in our small apartment was quite simple — leave our bedroom door…

Kirsty Hayden

From Ireland, currently living in London. Avid reader, writer and animal lover (especially my two adopted cats) and I love exercising and cooking.

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